Can I Contribute To CloudTweaks?

Unfortunately not at this time.  We have closed invitations on December 22nd, 2014 for our 12/12 Program which spotlights many of the most insightful thought leaders in the world of cloud technologies.

The good news is that each month we will notify our newsletter subscribers if space becomes available. The program is free to join but we are most interested in thought leaders and influencers at this time.

eLearning Program Invites

In 2015, ¬†CloudTweaks will also be looking to extend and grow our Newsletter eLearning series called “Tweaking Your Way To The Cloud” which involves a number of uniquely designed, high demand learning courses. Some will be free, while others will have a fee. These will be offered via private Newsletter to anyone enrolled into the program. The concept or our programs will be based on current market trends which will help those looking to develop skills that are used in the here and now and not the yesteryear.

Contributing Educators interested in this program can contact us using the form below. You must have experience in order to be considered. A partner remuneration split will be provided to those approved in the program.



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