Can I Contribute To CloudTweaks?

Yes, we are still accepting invitations for 2015. The deadline will be Monday, December 22nd, 2014.  After this period, we will no longer be accepting outside article contributions for 2015.

What is the 12/12 Program?

This program is designed to better handle the thousands of requests we receive from people looking to submit articles. This includes PR and Marketing firms who are looking for that added boost of quick exposure for a demanding client, as well as startups seeking much needed exposure. So it’s very important that contributors who work with us are serious about building their profile and are willing to stick with it – delivering a minimum of 12 articles over a 12 month period.

Can I submit more than 12 articles?

Yes, as long as the requirements are met. (See below)

Wait! What if I just want to submit one article?

Our popular sponsorship program provides the flexibility to causally submit articles as you wish.

What are the benefits of the 12/12 Program?

Your work will be read by thousands of readers throughout the world. Our readership consists of a savvy group of technology leaders, business decision makers and educators. 60% of our readers are male – 40% female with the majority between the ages of 25-44 years of age. 45% are based in the US, 13% India, 7 % UK, 6% Canada and 4% Australia. CloudTweaks is also aligned with a number of syndicates which may result in additional exposure.

Are Infographics allowed?

Original content infographics are welcomed and are treated as an article. Therefore a 12/12 membership could consist of any combination of articles and infographics over 12 months.

Are Press Releases allowed?

In their original form, a Press Release would not qualify, because a.) it is not unique – it is shared with media outlets; and b.) a Press Release is generally promotional, and not vendor-neutral. It would be acceptable for you to submit an article based on the Press Release, providing it meets the other guidelines listed here.

Regular Contributor Requirements:

  • Willing to commit to at least 1 article each month for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • Willing to supply examples of recently published articles.
  • Focus on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Wearable Technology.
  • Articles must be vendor-neutral and between 500-1000 words.
  • No link and keyword stuffing as this will be considered promotional.
  • Articles must be 100% original and unpublished.
  • If the focus is strictly SEO – we won’t have interest.

Our goal is to continue to deliver top-quality articles for our readership. Please contact for additional information.




Example 12/12 Program Writers

Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) 101

Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) 101

BI (Business Intelligence) 101 Non-technical users are increasingly jumping at the opportunity to get real-time business insight from data without the help of the IT department, whether they’re a small business without an IT staff altogether, or a high-ranking executive unwilling to request a report that will take a week to be completed. What is…

2015 Cybersecurity Challenges (5 Things To Expect)

2015 Cybersecurity Challenges (5 Things To Expect)

2015 Cybersecurity Challenges Every December, security experts begin to release their predictions on what cybersecurity will look like in the coming year. “The concept behind predictions is based on a company’s ability to express its expertise in a field both on the business and on the technology end,” said Barry Shteiman, director of security strategy…

The Role Cloud Technology Plays in the Recruiting Industry

The Role Cloud Technology Plays in the Recruiting Industry

The Recruiting Industry Like most other established industries, the recruiting industry is being disrupted by new business models and cutting-edge technologies. From recruiting technology talent with a highly publicized hackathon, to handling graphic or even online versions or resumes, recruiting agencies are seeing new challenges and opportunities every day. Yet, the goal is still the…

Cloud and regulation in financial services

Cloud and regulation in financial services

Cloud Regulation When talking about cloud and regulation in financial services, it is important to approach it with a clear understanding of the typical policies that your national regulator will require you to adhere to. Let’s start with outsourcing policy. Cloud mode provides us with a way of outsourcing data centre environments, applications, and services…

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