Information Security

"Five years ago, we thought that more users, more data, more devices, and more clouds were creating a perfect security storm of threats and vulnerabilities. Many of those predictions came true, but they were only the leading indicators of a much bigger storm, the acceleration of “more...”"

- McAfee Labs

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Four Cloud Security Mega Trends

By Roy Feintuch

Cloud Security Trends Last year was a big year for the cloud. Cloud adoption continued to grow at a rapid clip, even as executives from companies such as McDonald’s and ENEL talked about how their organizations are embracing a cloud-first approach to IT with an eye toward a cloud-only future. It was also a year of transition, as the customer base for AWS shifted toward large enterprises running their mission-critical workloads in the cloud. As…

Smarter Homes Through Technology

By Jennifer Klostermann

Smarter Homes Rumour has it that 2017 will be the year of the smart home; not a new prediction, smart homes have been trending for a while, but an exciting possibility nonetheless. It’s possible that, as ever, given a little time the prices of such tech have reduced enough to make it accessible to the multitudes, and with enough companies enmeshed in the competition to dominate the market, solutions are more prolific and products more…

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