WhitePaper: Bad Data, Real-World Characteristics of Architecture Gone Awry

In this whitepaper, we describe how executive and IT management can get and maintain control of their company’s data architecture to help meet business objectives. We describe the relationship between data integration projects and data architecture concepts and practices. We describe how the business planning and IT development processes that direct and leverage data integration

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Cloud Computing: Business Model or Technology?

Cloud Computing: Business Model or Technology? There are many articles on the Internet about cloud computing, and I have written quite a few as well, covering all sorts of subjects from history to future trends, advantages, disadvantages, what it is, what is not, and the list could go on and on. Lately, there seem to

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Riverbed Steelhead Appliance Named a Best Product of 2011 by Government Computer News

Riverbed Steelhead Appliance Named a Best Product of 2011 by Government Computer News Recognized as Innovative Solution for Reducing Latency in the Cloud; Provides Value in Current Economic Environment SAN FRANCISCO—November 22, 2011—Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the IT performance company, today announced that the Riverbed® Steelhead® appliance was named a Best Product of 2011 by Government Computer

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2011’s Top Turkeys: This Year’s Blunders With Less Good Sense, More Gobble

2011’s Top Turkeys: This Year’s Blunders With Less Good Sense, More Gobble As you candy your yams and stuff your stomach with stuffing, here are some thoughts on cloud computing news this year we weren’t entirely thankful for. Apple Major software company Apple essentially helped to pave the way for the ABCs of cloud computing.

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Whitepaper: Building a Disaster-Ready Infrastructure

Prevent downtime, protect data and ensure continuous business operations When Hurricane Ike slammed into the Gulf Coast in September 2008, it put business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) programs to the ultimate test. Beyond the devastating impact of the storm itself, power outages extended across three states and lasted for several days, forcing many businesses

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Why I Give Thanks For The Cloud

Why I Give Thanks For The Cloud In a few days, I’ll be plowing into pounds of protein and watching each of “Friends’” ten Thanksgiving Day episodes. But before I don my bib and elastic sweatpants, I wanted to share my reasons for expressing gratitude to the cloud above. It’s given me a way into

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Infographic: Trends & Technology Timeline

Technology Trends

Infographic: Trends & Technology Timeline… This is a very detailed Infographic that we’ve come across via NowandNext.com.  Some of the current and future trends mentioned are: Cloud Storage, Data Security and Gesture-based Computing… Click the image to zoom in. Source: NowandNext.com

Mobile Cloud Security:The Seven Fundamentals of Mobile Working

Having an agile, mobile workforce is becoming commonplace for a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises. Remote working has been happening in corporate environment for decades, but they have whole teams dedicated to deploying infrastructures and locking them down securely.  Some organizations already have solutions in place, but are they secure?  How do organizations who

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iCloud: Features and Competitors

iCloud: Features and Competitors With the release of iCloud, Apple has revolutionized the process of storage and interaction via the cloud computing technique. The best part about iCloud is that it is free. It does not charge subscribers any sort of fee during the usage of most of the iCloud services. The specific services provided

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“And the Cumulus Goes to…”: How the Cloud is Shaping the Oscars

And the Cumulus Goes to…”: How the Cloud is Shaping the Oscars It’s that time of year again: Oscar season. “Tower Heist” and “Green Goblin” are shipping out of cineplexes, making way for far more prestigious film titles. I’ve always avidly followed the race to the Academy Awards, film buff that I am. Cloud lovers

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iCloud: Present Situation

iCloud:  Present Situation The ‘i’ revolution never ceases to impress. Just when it was being thought that Apple had stagnated with no fresh, eye catching application or service to be launched, iCloud was released amid frenzied excitement and anticipation. The Apple iCloud service was unveiled on 6th June, 2011 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

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Tips for Migrating Microsoft Exchange to the Cloud

Tips for Migrating Microsoft Exchange to the Cloud I have previously discussed cloud migrations, mostly from the perspective Infrastructure as a Service(IAAS) for mid to large size companies but what if you have have a very specific need for a migration that is not IAAS such as migrating to an outsourced exchange provider? The trend

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Video Power Hour: How Secure is a Private Cloud…

The Video Question Today Is How secure is a private cloud when compared to a hybrid or public cloud? Visit: http://www.newfulcrumpoint.com/ for more details on how to contribute for the next power hour… Twitter hashtag #vph