IoT – 50 Billion Interconnected Devices

IoT – 50 Billion Interconnected Devices

50 Billion Interconnected Devices

Massive expectations, promise and concerns for the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT). We are moving into a hyper evolving, fast forward future of the technological unpredictable. It’s fun and exciting, but also incredibly scary to many (Think Terminator).

“If the IoT estimates are correct then we will soon be living a world along with 50 billion interconnected devices within the next 5-10 years. No one, however, seems to be talking about the data that will need to be processed from all these devices, sensors, and monitors….” Read Article Source at Forbes

To add to the topic of IoT, we’ve come across an interesting image on Twitter via @simonlporter highlighting the current interconnectivity of devices used today.



2014 Worst Passwords: Is Yours On The List?

2014 Worst Passwords: Is Yours On The List?

2014 Worst Passwords

Many people don’t realize how important strong passwords are as most users take a very lackadaisical approach to password creation. Lets be real, this is more lazy than ill-informed.

According to CBC News, and data compiled by SplashData, most people’s passwords are incredibly vulnerable to cyber threats. The IT firm has been compiling password data for the last 4 years on this subject. Here are some of the findings.

Among the worst passwords list we can find ‘123456’ ‘password’ and ‘letmein’ if yours is one of them, you’d better change it. “New additions to the Top 25 for 2014 include: baseball, dragon, football, mustang, access, master, michael, superman, 696969 and batman.”

A few tips on protecting your password/s: Don’t use words like qwerty, asdfg and 12345, Never use your birthday, your name is not a password. Try to use alphanumeric passwords with unconventional phrases to make it more difficult for hackers to use brute force attacks to access your account.

How You Might Be Exposing Your Company to the Hazards of Darknet

How You Might Be Exposing Your Company to the Hazards of Darknet

Exposing Your Company to the Hazards of Darknet

If your organisation doesn’t already have enough corporate network security concerns, here is one more for good measure. Anonymous web browsing technology such as The Onion Router (Tor) have allowed users to engage in criminal activity which could become a huge problem for companies unaware of users who are hiding such activity using Tor or the Dark Net.


According to

Tor is often associated with illicit activity like child pornography, selling illegal substances, identity theft, and money laundering. Users browsing the Tor network (for illicit purposes or not) from a corporate environment can unknowingly open up the company to hosting malicious or unlawful content.

Organisations not actively prohibiting employee use of the Tor Network or at least monitoring Darknet activity could be setting themselves up for huge liabilities.

Read more here 

Google And SpaceX

Google And SpaceX

Google thinks on investing $1 Billion on SpaceX

Google is thinking to invest on Space Exploration Technologies, Corp. (SpaceX). The Company looks to strengthen their satélite communications in order to provide internet access to remote regions. According to The Wall Street Journal

Google has been considering satellite-based Internet service for more than a year. In late 2013, it hired satellite-industry veteran Greg Wyler, who at one point last year had more than 10 people working for him. Mr. Wyler left Google last summer and is now developing his own satellite-Internet venture.”

SpaceX and Google’s vision for developing and launching satellites would cost around $10 billion and take at least 5 years to build and develop. Google and SpaceX have discussed using optical disk technologies on their satélites, but laser beams don’t easily pass through clouds. That leaves radio waves as the most reliable option to deliver communications.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Exciting Times For The Future of Canadian Technology

Exciting Times For The Future of Canadian Technology

The Future of Canadian Technology

2015 is Canada’s year as companies like Shopify, Vision Critical, and Georgian Partners II are preparing to go public.

According to the Financial Post.

Mr. Nathan, managing director of Kensington Capital Partners, made the prediction Monday while announcing the Kensington Venture Fund’s four initial investments, a program launched in partnership with the Government of Canada’s Venture Capital Action Plan in November.

Canadian tech firms have been experiencing unprecedented growth in the last six years. And companies like Shopify and Vancouver’s Vision Critical are preparing to go public. It appears that Canada is starting to care about developing their own tech solutions as the growth potential is unprecedented in the Canadian industry.

Exciting times for the future of Canadian Technology!

Samsung’s Silicon Valley HQ is almost complete

Samsung’s Silicon Valley HQ is almost complete

Samsung is trying to expand and assert its influence in the market by building a huge new HQ in the Silicon Valley.

Recently according to Wired.comThe campus was designed by Seattle-based architecture firm NBBJ. Design strategies that borrow insights from neuroscience and “big data” analytics have made NBBJ exceedingly popular among tech industry heavyweights.”

Scheduled to open in two years, Samsung’s new HQ look forward to changing the way Silicon Valley buildings are made. The building shies away from the typical Valley corporate buildings by making its structure more centered in the human needs. This is not the sole innovation, as the building’s steel columns are designed in a cut-away style to resemble a 3-D print. Also, the building’s glass structure will allow co-workers to see each other in order to boost creativity and collaboration between them.

Google’s Glass – Back To The Drawing Board

Google’s Glass – Back To The Drawing Board

Back To The Drawing Board

Google’s “smart” glasses suffered a setback that send them to the drawing board. Glass test version will be revised and thoroughly tested before sending them to the stores.


According to Financial Times:

Despite Google’s efforts to paint the changes at Glass as the next logical progression for a product heading towards full commercial existence, it was unable to disguise the scale of the reversal. Glass had already become Exhibit A for critics who accuse the company of undermining personal privacy for personal gain.”

Google Glass is one of the companies boldest moves, but as bold as it is, Glass failed to fulfill its expectations. As Google’s profit rises, also its spending rises and this could be a big setback on Google’s main projects, like Glass and the driverless cars. The company decided to change Glass project management to re-test the product and rethink the way it’s going to be made.

This, of course, contradicts Google former promises of releasing the product any time soon. However, despite Google’s tries on painting the decision as a strategic one, the product turned out to be a questionable choice. Nevertheless, Google seems impervious to critics, as they plan to continue with Glass despite the product being one of the biggest setbacks the company has suffered in years.

By Diego Salinas

Google Driverless In Motown

Google Driverless In Motown

Google Driverless Car Testing

Google has assembled a team of auto builders and their own staff to build and test the first driverless cars.

As the Detroit Free Press states,

Pod-like prototypes for testing are being developed and assembled at a Roush facility and will undergo testing at Google facilities in California in the spring – Google does not want to do testing in the snow.”


Google aims to have self-driving cars on the market within five years from now. And they’re already testing them to see if that’s possible. Google’s move is also a call for diversification, as the internet search engine giant has now moved into the Internet of Things car designing and development business.

Detroit, given its automotive tradition was the best place to start on this project. Maybe to start a shift in Google’s assets far from Silicon Valley was in order. A new batch of cars are being tested and they plan to grow a fleet of roughly 150 cars. A new team of hundreds is expecting working on the Project.

So far the pod-like cars have not caused any accidents on the 700,000 miles of test driving, although some drivers have hit them there has been nothing serious to report. Although the costs of the cars remain unknown, the initiative is nonetheless a great way to start combining automotive and technology assets into one.

Thinglass /

Read article source at Detroit Free Press

Symantec Acquisition of Boeing’s Cybersecurity Unit

Symantec Acquisition of Boeing’s Cybersecurity Unit

Symantec Acquisition

Recently, Symantec Corp. announced the takeover of Narus, Boeing’s cyber security unit. The aeronautical company will retain Narus’ intellectual property and licenses, which will be transferred to Symantec. The terms of the deal announced on January 12 were not fully disclosed. However, our sources have a price estimate of $24.59 per stock for Symantec, a price lower than it current market price.


In a bid to reinvigorate its information security business, Symantec announced in late 2014 that it is splitting its information security and information management (storage software) businesses into two separate companies.”

Symantec has failed to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the information technologies, focused more on detection and response, rather than prevention mechanisms. This has taken its toll as Symantec is clearly falling behind in the competition. They hope that the Naru’s acquisition brings new blood into their business; as well as a way to strengthen their threat detection network.

For further information, read “Symantec’s Revival: The Security Business Holds the Key” at Forbes.

Cloud Computing Price War, Only The Beginning

Cloud Computing Price War, Only The Beginning

Price War On Cloud Computing

The Cloud computing providers’ price war is on. In recent years, providers have been slashing prices in order to generate more clients. A phenomenon called “Race to Zero”, Services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) has cut its prices 44 times in the last six years, while providers like Microsoft and Google have both decreased their prices to keep up with the competition.

In a chart published by RBC Capital’s Mark Mahaney, we can see this trend perfectly we can see how the average cost per gigabyte of RAM has decreased through the years.


As we can see, AWS prices dropped 8% from Oct. 2013 to Dec. 2014. Companies like Google and Microsoft have cut prices from 5 to 6%. Respectively, other companies like Rackspace and AT&T have dropped their prices even further.

For further information, you can check Eugene Kim’s take on Yahoo Finance and for more information regarding the “Race to Zero”.


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