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CloudTweaks has enjoyed a great relationship with many businesses, influencers and readers over the years, and it is one that we are interested in continuing. When we meet up with prospective clients, our intent is to establish a more solid relationship in which our clients invest in a campaign that consists of a number of exposure opportunities.

Our campaigns work extremely well because they are structured as news stories, and in an age where a viewer is bombarded by advertising, a well-written story comes across as far more appealing, and as such boosts the credibility of the sponsor. We have many high-profile organizations who work with us in campaigns of this sort, and it always helps build greater exposure, whether for a specific roll-out or event, or more generally for overall brand awareness.

Recent 2014 reports by econsultancy.com (See graph) show that ad spending will continue to increase substantially in the area of Content Marketing.

Content Opportunitiesmobile-increase

  • Sponsored Articles (Professionally crafted articles for optimal reach)
  • CloudBuzz (Curated sponsored mini articles)
  • Newsletter (Articles, Excerpts, Small Banners)
  • Infographics (Research, Writing and Design)
  • Whitepapers (Whitepaper Writing and Design /Custom Landing Pages)
  • Events / Webcasts (Live Web Feeds or In-person reporting)

Pay As You Go Plans (Long or Short Terms)

If you are not in the market for longer term advertising commitments, we now offer Pay As You Go Monthly Sponsorship Opportunities! These provide the best of both worlds for those on a tight budget looking for both Price and Flexibility! 

Packages start at $149 per month and provide you with a number of high-flying initiatives (listed above) to help your business be grow.

Contact us below for additional information on our services.