What Should You Look For In A Cloud Security Vendor?

Protecting the security of your cloud data during its transmission, storage, and access is an ongoing, fundamental concern as technology continues to evolve, intrusion possibilities increase, and BYOD becomes more common. Here are the five areas to consider when evaluating how the security of your cloud vendor stacks up. How is My Data Physically Protected?

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Cloud Whitepaper: Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider With Confidence


Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider with Confidence Introduction Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT landscape, and the conversation around adopting cloud technology has progressed from “if” to “when .” Enterprises are showing strong interest in outsourced (“public”) cloud offerings that can help them reduce costs and increase business agility.  These cloud services offer enormous economic benefits

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How Modern Access Control Software Is Improving Security In The Cloud

How Modern Access Control Software Is Improving Security In The Cloud There used to be a time when checking new entrants into an office block could only happen via separate CCTV cameras. Taking a broader tack, there were times when access to information on the web was slip-shoddy since organizations could not install the expensive

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Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 4

Cloud Security

Taking the bull by the horns—Secure Identity, Information, and Infrastructure Continued From Part 3 Public cloud computing requires a security model that reconciles scalability and multi-tenancy with the need for trust. As enterprises move their computing environments along with their identities, information and infrastructure to the cloud, they must be willing to give up some level

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Security Questions To Ask Your Cloud Service Provider

Security Questions To Ask Your Cloud Service Provider Moving software, websites, hardware needs and important services to the cloud is not without its risks. While cloud service subscribers can save a lot of IT budget funds in areas like software licensing, hardware costs, power charges and staff salaries, close attention must be paid to risk

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