Ransomware And Backup On The Cloud


Ransomware And Backup On The Cloud Ransomware is a kind of malware that withholds some digital assets (mostly user’s data) from its victims and asks for payment for their release. Ransomware could be the best reason yet to use cloud data storage systems. Over the past several weeks, many Windows users were infected by CryptoLocker

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Cloud Security Issues And The Role Of Managed Cloud Services


Cloud Security Issues and the Role of Managed Cloud Services The changing demands of business operations have made Cloud Computing rise in popularity in the last few years. Cloud Computing has become one of the fastest growing segment of IT by providing promising business concepts and economic viability. The prevailing recession has also led organizations

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Akamai Introduces New Cloud Defense Solutions

Akamai Introduces New Cloud Defense Solutions Akamai Technologies, Inc. unveiled new cloud defense architecture aimed at protecting customers from increasing number of sophisticated Web attacks. Enhancements include improved protection from distributed denial of service (DdoS) attacks as well as improved cloud firewall featuring advanced vulnerability scanning and custom rules for additional protection against application layer

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