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Aereo: Cloud-based DVR Streaming Public Broadcast TV

Web TV is supposedly the next big thing, but Aereo goes a whole different direction by providing public broadcast TV and other channels to your iPad or Safari browser (for PC and Mac users). In addition to streaming these channels to your browser, they also allow for Digital Video Recording or DVR on their cloud


The Social Cloud: Facebook IPO – Is This MySpace 2.0?

The Social Cloud: Facebook IPO –  Is This MySpace 2.0? History repeating: 2000 Bubble, Myspace, 2012 Facebook IPO, NBT (Next Big Thing…)  Investors are expected to sink $5 billion into the Facebook IPO. Wow. Well, from a pure spreadsheet perspective it makes some sense. If you take the 800 million Facebook users multiplied by a value

Cloud TV may replace Local TV altogether…

Cloud TV may replace Local TV altogether…

It’s True, Cloud TV will most likely replace Local TV altogether ‘Internet TV’ and ‘3D TV’ were the most searched terms of the entertainment genre for year 2010. Service providing has reached new levels since the advent of cloud computing. Now, experience games, applications and much more over the internet regardless of the device you