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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Annouced Live Streaming For CloudFront

Announcing Live Streaming for Amazon CloudFront Using Amazon CloudFront with Amazon EC2 running Adobe’s Flash® Media Server and Amazon Route 53 (AWS’s DNS service), you can now easily and cost-effectively deliver your live video via AWS. And, we’ve made it simple to get started by creating an AWS CloudFormation template that handles all of the

Test Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud For Free

Test Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud For Free Users can now try Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and storage resources for seven days absolutely free of cost thanks to Gluster, a provider of scale-out, open source storage solutions for public and private clouds. Gluster claims that it offers the only high-availability storage for AWS EC2 –

Cloud Computing Economics: 40-80% Savings in the Cloud?

Cloud Computing Economics: 40-80% Savings in the Cloud? Given the state of the global economy and the increasing adoption of Cloud computing it’s no surprise that lately there have been a number of articles on achieving Cloud computing savings ranging from 40% savings according to an EEOC case study to as much as much as 80% savings according

Interview: Intel Discusses Expressway Cloud Access 360

Intel’s Cloud Access 360 Leads the Way In an exclusive interview with Intel on Friday, March 25th, Cloudtweaks.com spoke with Vikas Jain as a follow-up to Intel’s announced Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect. Vikas Jain is the Director of Product Management for Application Security and Identity Products with Intel Corporation and has over

The Beauty of the Cloud

Here is an older but still very insightful article contributed by Ray DePena What is cloud computing? What is the difference between a cloud and the internet?  Some Twenty-One Experts Define Cloud Computing differently, and there are even more definitions out there.  Among many that I’ve heard are some of the following: Cloud = Internet Cloud =