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GMA Launches Cloud-based Business Continuity Portal Solution

GMA Launches Cloud-based Business Continuity Portal Solution GMA Consulting’s newly released cloud-based Business Continuity Portal solution utilises Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 collaboration application and is hosted on the Windows Azure cloud platform. The London-based IT consultancy specialising in the design, development and implementation of solutions using Microsoft technologies claims that it is the first solution to


Cloud Storage Connector and Some Popular Options

There are many ways to connect to cloud storage. The most popular one is to provide web interface inside a web browser. For example, Google Docs, SkyDrive all have their own web interface. The problem of this is that it can’t be interoperable with existing applications until the applications are re-written. Google has a Google

Metanga Enhances Microsoft Cloud Computing Adoption

Metanga Enhances Microsoft Cloud Adoption MetraTech, a provider of agreements-based billing and compensation solutions, has launched its multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based billing solution, on Microsoft Windows Azure. Known as Metanga, this solution will help Microsoft’s customers to monetize their Windows Azure offerings. It facilitates the adoption of Windows Azure to new audiences and also make Microsoft’s

Auto Scaling Strategies For Windows Azure, Amazon's EC2 And Other Cloud Platforms

Auto scaling strategies for Windows Azure, Amazon’s EC2 and other cloud platforms The strategies discussed in this article can be applied to any cloud platform that has an ability to dynamically provision compute resources, even though I rely on examples from AzureWatch auto scaling and monitoring service for Windows Azure The topic of auto scaling is an

Microsoft Study Says 40% of SMBs to Go On Cloud within 3 Years

Microsoft Study Says 40% of SMBs to Go On Cloud within 3 Years Microsoft, a major player in cloud computing with its Azure platform, released its global “SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011” last week. The study was conducted to investigate the impact of cloud computing on small and medium businesses (SMBs), and the results are