3 Recommended Whitepapers: “Mastering Google Apps In The Classroom”


3 Recommended Whitepapers: “Mastering Google Apps in the Classroom” Google Apps are a big part of the current cloud infrastructure providing a number of services to businesses of all sizes. Here are 3 recommended research papers to read over this week.   “Mastering Google Apps in the Classroom“ Has your school joined the Google revolution? This

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Information Collection: Business Builds Big Data

Information Collection: Business Builds Big Data In the beginning there was the electronic computer. It was a tool for defending freedom, useful to use in breaking enemy communications codes and crunching equations for the Manhattan Project. Eventually it became the plaything of hobbyists and garage experimenters. In their garages, they eventually cobbled together machines that

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Improving Workforce Delivery Through Telemetric Technology

Collaboration Cloud: Improving Workforce Delivery through Telemetric Technology In an age where the Internet is a free-for-all medium of communication, a data networking channel and a data base par excellence, it is inevitable that everyone has ever worried about privacy. Ironically, new technologies like collaboration cloud use methods that, for the uninitiated, may seem to

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Why Liaison’s Acquisition Of Hubspan Is Good For Cloud Integration


Why Liaison’s Acquisition Of Hubspan Is Good For Cloud Integration Last week, you may have read about Liaison Technologies’ acquisition of Hubspan and wondered why? After all, the companies share many similarities in cloud integration and cloud services brokerage (CSB) offerings, so is Liaison simply trying to knock out a strong competitor? The answer is

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Top 5 CRM Services Running In The Cloud…

One of the leaders of the pack.  Salesforce.com is known to be a market leader in CRM. It combines the best of business processes and technology that provides powerful CRM services. Salesforce.com offers an array of CRM and business application services that allow customers and subscribers to systematically record and store business data. SageCRM.com offers

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