Cloud Billing – Interview With MetraTech’s Scott Swartz


Cloud Billing – Interview with MetraTech’s Scott Swartz Every SaaS, IaaS and PaaS vendor needs a robust billing module which works seamlessly across both single and hybrid Cloud deployments. Even though every Cloud service provider gives billing functionality, the issues arise when you have a hybrid Cloud deployment and you want to stitch together various

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Misconceptions Traits Of Cloud Computing Services


Misconceptions Traits of Cloud Computing Services There will always be naysayer. Every time a new technology emerges, it’s soon followed be a long line of anti-supporters. Cloud computing is no different. It’s new. It’s trendy. It threatens the business model of some companies so drastically, that many misconceptions have been perpetrated to try and debunk

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Has The Cloud Stepped Out Of Infancy? (And How You Can Benefit From Its Growth)


Has The Cloud Stepped Out of Infancy? (And How You Can Benefit From Its Growth) “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”                                                               Albert Einstein (1879-1955), possibly the smartest man in the last century. When we speak of cloud computing, we often speak of its relative

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Past, Present And Future: Cloud Computing In Three Minutes

Past, Present and Future: Cloud Computing in Three Minutes Perhaps the most interesting thing about the cloud is just how fluffy it really is. Recent news indicates that it has finally gone mainsteam. Yet at the same time, most people are still not quite clear on what the cloud really is. To get a better understanding, here’s a

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Double Taxing The Cloud

Double Taxing the Cloud New cloud taxes in Idaho are further proof that it’s time to look for a standardized solution. The news hasn’t made waves in the wider media, but when I heard that Idaho might start taxing cloud services, it definitely made me sit up and take notice. If you haven’t read about

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Netflix: Plumbers Of The Cloud


Netflix: Plumbers of the Cloud Although much was made in the blogosphere of the Amazon cloud service outage on Christmas Eve — the one that brought Netflix’s video streaming grinding to a halt — cloud media proponents should actually take heart in the news. An interruption of cloud service being so widely referred to as an “outage”

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Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Time Cockpit


Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Software Architects Time Cockpit …..Software Architects Time Cockpit’s Activity Calendar Revolution is At Hand Is a start up in the cloud calendar and programming areas with its location in Austria. Its major rollercoaster of breakthroughs includes extending user-friendly custom scripting agility, enhancing office collaboration repertoire via calendars for schedules

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Cloud Whitepaper: Virtual Network Architecture


Cloud Whitepaper: Virtual Network Architecture Looking back at how the IT landscape has evolved over the past 20 years, it is amazing to see the striking parallel between the evolution of technology and the evolution of business. In the Client /Server era, it was normal for IT initiatives to take months or even years on

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The Rise And Fall Of The Zmanda Empire

The Rise And Fall Of The Zmanda Empire There are two kinds of online businesses: those that grow to buy other businesses or those that grow in order to be offered as tasty morsels to the first class of businesses. And until somebody buys them out or they become as titanic as Microsoft you cannot

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The Trend Of Open Source And Proprietary Software Business Model

The Trend Of Open Source And Proprietary Software Business Model Open source software has been there for a long time. Its popularity is increasing each and every day and has reached such a level that it’s hard to find a domain which does not have an open source presence. Companies are reluctant to buy proprietary

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