Risks Involved In Adopting BYOD


Risks Involved in Adopting BYOD Imagine a workplace scenario where every employee has his/her own mobile device to access company data and applications. This way, people get their work done using their own devices in the office. Briefly, this is what Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is all about. All over the world, companies

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Supplementing A Cloud ERP System With BYOD

Supplementing a Cloud ERP System with BYOD There’s been a lot of press recently about businesses using a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy as a means of increasing IT access and habitual usage of business process software. BYOD can potentially allow your employees to access your cloud ERP application and company records anywhere in

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BYOD And Mobile Device Management

BYOD And Mobile Device Management As businesses grow so too does the need for constant connection to the technology that will make your business a success. Ever since smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become the business norm in our world, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been implemented into business, as many companies do not feel

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Caring About The Client End Point In A Cloud

CloudTweaks Comic #100

Caring About The Client End Point In A Cloud In a cloud infrastructure, should one care about the client end point?  One of the key enabling factors for the enterprise mobility of an organization is the cloud-technology-based model. However, most of the real access is from practical devices such as smartphones, desktop PCs, etc. However,

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Cloud Infographic: The Real Cost Of BYOD

Cloud BYOD

Cloud Infographic: The Real Cost Of BYOD As employees continue to bring personal mobile devices and laptops into the workplace, most businesses have resigned themselves to dealing with the security and management headaches of the new BYOD reality. But now, with the growing popularity of cloud storage and synchronization services, companies have found themselves facing the

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