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The Cloud: Reinventing Enterprise Collaboration

The Cloud: ReinventingĀ Enterprise Collaboration IDG survey points to need for collaboration across all business unitsĀ and an end to spot solutions It is no surprise to anyone working in virtually any business anywhere in the world today, that knowledge is power. Having access to the most accurate, up-to-date corporateĀ information, and the ability to easily collaborate on…

Enabling the Cloud for the Home

Enabling the Cloud for the Home Anyone who has used a virtualized system or seen what the Cloud can do has wondered what it would be like to have your own personalized Home Cloud. Most of the time they would think about how cool it would be to get your latest files, media and stuff…

Setting Up Your Own Private Cloud With A QNAP NAS

Setting Up Your Own Private Cloud With A QNAP NAS Previously Network Accessed Storage (NAS) devices were considered the cheap second-rate citizen in the centralized storage front despite the fact that many such NAS devices now support VMware, virtualization and other virtualized applications. Recent developments may just change this perception as some NAS devices now…

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