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Fiscal Confessions: CFOs Sight Is Definitely Cloud Worth

Fiscal Confessions: CFOs Sight Is Definitely Cloud Worth Prompted by the infamous Mat Honan hack attack, cloud computing has been exposed to severe criticism over the last couple of weeks, pouring in from even those like Steve Wozniak and company. The (needlessly excessive) denigration has, however, served little to diminish the cloud demand prevalent at…

Oozing Investment For Amazon

Oozing Investment For Amazon Results and Background Although the results of the second quarter have not been too amazing for Amazon, Chief Financial Officer Thomas J. Szkutak has different plans for Amazon. Even after not putting up a very impressive performance, investment in cloud computing technology by the company will not stop. In fact, they…

What’s The New Cloud-Friendly CIO Like?

What’s The New Cloud-Friendly CIO Like? The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has always occupied a position secondary to the other C-suite executives like the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). However, that is changing with the advent of cloud computing. So, what’s this new cloud-friendly CIO…

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