Microsoft And Google Are At It Again

Microsoft And Google Are At It Again Microsoft and Google have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. And now this animosity has spread beyond search to the cloud computing space. Last week Google launched Cloud Connect and hit Microsoft right where it hurts – its Office portfolio. With the Cloud Connect plug-in, users

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Moving Toward the Open Cloud – Openness Must Prevail

Moving Toward the Open Cloud Two weeks ago, Internap launched its Internap XIP Cloud ™ Storage service.  I lead the Engineering organization responsible for development of this new platform offering. A significant amount of intellectual thought went into the question of how best to develop a cloud storage solution.  We had team meetings debating the

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Oracle On Cloud Computing Road Trip Around The World


Cloud Computing Road Trip Oracle may be a comparatively late entrant into the cloud computing arena, but it is certainly making up for lost time with enthusiasm. According to its website, the data warehousing giant is on a cloud computing road trip around the world that will position its products and services to potential clients.

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