The Cloud’s Tipping Point

The Cloud’s Tipping Point I always enjoy hearing from those of you who have come to the conclusion that Cloud computing will not work, and decided you will not be developing plans to shift your business to the Cloud. Sometimes the analysis is sound. More often than not, it omits key variables. Perhaps you relied

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Cloud Computing Economics: 40-80% Savings in the Cloud?

Cloud Computing Economics: 40-80% Savings in the Cloud? Given the state of the global economy and the increasing adoption of Cloud computing it’s no surprise that lately there have been a number of articles on achieving Cloud computing savings ranging from 40% savings according to an EEOC case study to as much as much as 80% savings according

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Will cloud computing economics add up for Microsoft?


By Larry Dignan at ZDnet Microsoft at its financial analyst meeting made the case for being a cloud computing leader and argued that its economic prospects will improve as information technology shifts to an on-demand model. The big question: Do you buy the argument that cloud computing will accelerate Microsoft’s earnings and revenue growth? Let’s

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