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Death, Taxes, And The Cloud

Death, Taxes, And The Cloud There are a few inevitabilities left in the universe. They are not always pleasant, but they are a fact of life, and although we may be able to point to exceptions, the exceptions serve to solidify the truth of the inevitability. The most important seem to be death and taxes,


Cloud Biggies and their Partnership Programs

Cloud Biggies and their Partnership Programs One of the best ways to encourage sales is through specialized partnership programs, and IT companies have long employed this strategy to promote their traditional offerings. Now they have started similar initiatives for their cloud computing services as well. While some companies have tried to get buy-in from end-consumers,

Are The Big Players Being Hypocritical On Cloud Computing Standards?

Are The Big Players Being Hypocritical On Cloud Computing Standards? The usefulness (and necessity) of developing universal cloud computing standards has been covered in several articles (See: Cloud Computing Standards: How Important Are They?  and Cloud Computing Standards – is it time? ). However, now that some concrete steps are being taken towards this goal,

IBM Expects To Generate $7 billion In Cloud Computing Revenues By 2015: CEO

IBM expects to generate $7 billion in cloud computing revenues by 2015: CEO That some of the big IT players are expecting big bucks from cloud computing is nothing new; what’s new is Big Blue IBM’s amazing optimism on the future of the market in general and its fortunes in particular. On 8 March 2011,

Is Cloud Computing Secure? Yes Another Perspective

Is Cloud Computing Secure? Cloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Every day brings news of some acquisition, some investment, some innovation in this space. What started as a mere snowball has gradually acquired the proportions of an avalanche with all the big boys of the Information Technology putting in big