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Why Cloud Computing Projects May Fail

Why Cloud Computing Projects May Fail Cloud Computing offers a large number of benefits which make an enterprise switch over to the cloud. From startups to medium and large enterprises all are keen to adopt it mainly due to the cost saving in cloud computing. However it is very important to realize that like any…

The Politics Of Cloud Computing

The Politics Of Cloud Computing There are many issues taken for granted by companies when they move to the cloud. Aside from various technical issues, businesses fail to recognize that they’ll have to take into consideration the cultural environment of their own company. A very common problem that all businesses will encounter is the internal…

Around the Cloud: Top Cloud News/Oct 13

NASA CTO claims IT help desks on the way out Cloud platforms making dedicated support surplus to requirements Like the 30 spacecraft his agency has launched, Tom Soderstrom, CTO at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, sees everything through the clouds. NASA’s JPL uses 10 public or private clouds to store everything from photos of Mars for…

What Ails The Rackspace Stock?

What Ails The Rackspace Stock?

What Ails The Rackspace Stock? Rackspace US, Inc. (NYSE: RAX), a IT hosting company based in San Antonio, Texas, has long been a darling of the cloud computing industry. Established in 1998 and gone public in 2008, Rackspace is one of the early success stories of the cloud computing revolution. However, its recent stock performance,…

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