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Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money

Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money Startups have been an area of focus for this website, and not without reason. With cloud computing being such a new technology, there is a lot of innovation taking place. And startups are often the birthplaces of innovation. However, innovation, like most things in life, requires money, at least…

Acquisitions of Cloud Computing Startups Speed Up

Acquisitions of Cloud Computing Startups Speed Up A startup is defined as a company with a limited operating history. A startup is usually born out of an innovative idea, and the founder or founders have one of two objectives – grow the company until it is acquired, or continue to operate it themselves. When a…

What Bromium’s Funding Means For Cloud Security

What Bromium’s Funding Means for Cloud Security What can prompt three experienced professionals in the IT industry – former CTO and SVP of engineering at Phoenix Technologies Gaurav Banga, former CTO of the Data Center & Cloud Division of Citrix Simon Crosby, and former VP of advanced products in the Virtualization and Management Division at…

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