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Google Drive: Just Another Collaboration Tool?

Google Drive: Just Another Collaboration Tool?

Google Drive: Just Another Collaboration Tool? If you’ve logged into Google lately, you may have noticed that their new product, Google Drive, is replacing their old documents product. Google Drive is being billed as their ultimate in cloud storage and comes with 5 GB of free space. You have the ability to use Google Drive…

Cloud India: The Litmus Test

Cloud India: The Litmus Test Lap up your plate of lamb vindaloo, wrap up your daydream of spartan ashram living, scroll past the Bollywood-lite selections on Netflix (“Slumdog,” “Bend It Like Beckham”), and you will locate a culture whose viewpoint on innovation rivals America’s values of commerce and democracy. In India, every new technology must…

How To Choose A Cloud Computing Service Provider

How To Choose A Cloud Computing Service Provider With all the hustle and bustle brought about by cloud computing, small and medium-sized enterprises are really very confused when it comes to searching for a service provider who can deliver on his promises such as streamlining of operational expenses, reduction of capital expenses and the like.…

Cloud Helps Europe's Small Biz Smash The Economy

Cloud Helps Europe’s Small Biz Smash the Economy The tribulation of the European economy has sunk dramatically enough to warrant the front page of even American financial headlines. Yet in the face of such widespread woe has arisen a new population of pliable SMEs, or small- or medium-sized enterprises, throughout the continent. Cloud computing has…

SaaS And Cloud Computing

SaaS And Cloud Computing People often confuse software as a service (SaaS) with cloud computing. That is, they think that SaaS and cloud computing refer to the same thing and are, therefore, interchangeable. Before we can really differentiate the two, we must first define each. Cloud computing is a form of computing paradigm which uses…

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