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Health Care’s Reservations about Cloud Computing

“Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” – Julius Caesar (100BC – 44 BC), legendary Roman general and statesman. Some background on the above quote before I elaborate on the health care industry’s reservations about cloud computing: Julius Caesar, as everyone knows, was one of the most powerful leaders in history. Even before he became emperor

Cloud Computing With AT&T – Are They One Step Ahead?

AT&T: Benefits of Marching into Cloud Computing being a leading Telecom Company. Business is a dynamic activity, so should be your infrastructure. Of late, cloud computing has invaded the IT world, fixing its roots deeply and swiftly. With the unexpected seasonal spikes showing up in businesses every now and then, hiring cloud services has become

About Private or Shared Cloud and Everything in Between

Private or Shared Cloud and Everything in Between When deciding to implement cloud computing in order to manage your IT processes, you should start by deciding on the type of cloud you want to store your data on. Since there is no universal receipt for success when implementing cloud computing, you must carefully consider all

Citrix Launches New Cloud Networking Products

Citrix Systems has launched two powerful new cloud networking products NetScaler Cloud Gateway and NetScaler Cloud Bridge. Both these products can seamlessly connect enterprises to external clouds. NetScaler Cloud Gateway gives IT an easy, unified way to orchestrate the delivery of any mix of SaaS, web and Windows apps to end users. NetScaler Cloud Bridge