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Cloud Networking – Scaling Up, Out And In

Cloud Networking – Scaling Up, Out and In “The Network is the Computer.”                   – John Gage, former Chief Researcher and Vice President at Sun Microsystems. The above statement was adopted as the company tagline by the networking giant that recently merged with Oracle. However, perhaps this phrase is truer than ever before today due to


Cloud Adoption Statistics

Cloud Adoption Statistics Cloud adoption decisions will be taken in the near future by employees who do not have an IT background. That’s an interesting shift in the IT world! According to a report issued by Capgemini, chief marketing officers, executive and even people from human resource departments, finance or administration departments will be making some of these

Cloud Computing Turns Your Projects Into Open Source Experiments

Cloud Computing Turns Your Projects Into Open Source Experiments If you look around the world of software and computer platforms these days, you will notice that many of the most successful computer applications were actually built by a large number of people. Anyone who wants to bring this kind of success to their own business