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Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Games

Most cloud service startups rely on newer and more appealing technology than the bigger guys. The industry, however, has definitely changed. Dropbox, a startup cloud service provider, has been leading the way in cloud filesharing and has kept up with the big guys, including Google’s newest cloud service.  This infographic however shows a battle with another


Research Study: Cloud Financing And Associated Justification

Research Study: Cloud Financing and Associated Justification Queries surrounding cloud computing financing and associated pecuniary rationalization have lately been investigated in a novel research study involving feedback more than 900 business professionals and IT firms combined. The study has been undertaken by CompTIA, the foremost IT vendor industry association. In majority of circumstances, the relevant

Protecting Your Customer’s Data In The Cloud

Protecting Your Customer’s Data in the Cloud Cloud storage has grown significantly in popularity over the past few years. With more cloud services popping up daily, it is imperative that cloud storage providers protect their customers’ data while it is stored in the cloud. While most startups still keep customer security in mind, some newer

An Enterprise’s Move To The Cloud – An Architectural Perspective

An Enterprise’s Move To The Cloud – An Architectural Perspective The cloud is not just some virtual server in the sky where one can just pick up an application and throw it in, consequently getting all the benefits associated with the app. The dare in this situation is that an enterprise has to re-architect its

Cloud Infographic: Google Drive Vs The Competition

Cloud Infographic: Google Drive Vs The Competition There are hundreds of cloud services available today, a fact which does not make it any easier for users to select a cloud storage provider that fits their needs. Google is no longer the only kid on the cloud computing block. In fact, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and even private