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Microsoft and Apple Highlight Cloud's Flexibility

Microsoft and Apple Highlight Cloud’s Flexibility NEW YORK, NY–(Sep 5, 2011) – Companies are increasingly looking to cloud computing environments in order to accelerate value in business financials and reduce costs. Cloud computing is highly appealing to today’s organizations, not only because of its projected cost savings but also because of the cloud’s flexibility. The…

Joyent and Cloud9 Partner to Provide Ready-to-Deploy Node.js IDE

Joyent and Cloud9 Partner to Provide Ready-to-Deploy Node.js IDE JavaScript and Node.js™ inventors join to provide web app developers with one-stop cloud development and deployment San Francisco, CA and Amsterdam, NL – July 13, 2011 – In an arrangement that brings together the work of JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich and Node.js inventor Ryan Dahl, Joyent…

Why The Cloud Is As Secure As Your PC

Why the Cloud Is As Secure Recently, a great portion of hype in the technology sector is related to cloud computing security and reliability. Recent service interruptions experienced by leading cloud services providers like Amazon, in combination with security issues and credential leaks that occurred in services delivered by Sony and Google’s Android operating systems…

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