Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: DoxOut

Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: DoxOut ……An Open Source App That Can Marry Devices with No Boundaries Ever wondered why the document always comes after the file? And why the file as data stays away in a remote datacenter while the document, as the living part of the file, remains for perpetual exploitation on

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Cheap Laptops Or Integrated Cloud Systems For Education?


Cheap Laptops or Integrated Cloud Systems for Education? One of the most heated debates in many emerging economies and third-world countries is tying education to device ownership. The original mentality of NGO programs that use e-learning to support remote communities online is to provide over-the-counter laptops. These would normally have a face value of under a

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Cloud Could Easily Be The Next Big Memory Option For Trim Automated Auto Interiors


Cloud Could Easily Be The Next Big Memory Option for Trim Automated Auto Interiors Hitherto, a typical car has been full of paraphernalia in the driver’s seat. There have been more than a dozen buttons to hit for various initializations. The radio multimedia alone accounts for twenty such buttons. This is all in the name

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Companies That Are Revolutionizing Cloud Computing

Companies That Are Revolutionizing Cloud Computing As cloud computing continues its rapid growth in the public consciousness, industry leaders know they must be consistently fast and innovative with ideas, products, and services. A company that is slow to react to the ever-emerging changes and challenges will find itself quickly playing a dangerous game of catch-up.

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The Risks And Rewards Of Cloud Computing

The Risks And Rewards Of Cloud Computing Cloud computing like any concept in the real world comes with risks and rewards. It is not a perfect solution where huge mistakes are forgiven without great consequences. In all honesty, cloud computing could actually make or break a company, depending on how they implement it. And if

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Cloud Security: Public Or Private, It’s Getting Better

Cloud Security: Public or Private, It’s Getting Better It’s the tale as old as time: manifold businesses and organizations hesitate to relocate their most important cloud programs from their private data centers into the more spacious public cloud sphere, out of fear that they’ll jeopardize security and protection in the move. Oftentimes articles will endeavor

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Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 4

Cloud Security

Taking the bull by the horns—Secure Identity, Information, and Infrastructure Continued From Part 3 Public cloud computing requires a security model that reconciles scalability and multi-tenancy with the need for trust. As enterprises move their computing environments along with their identities, information and infrastructure to the cloud, they must be willing to give up some level

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Free Ebook: Cloud Services Brokerage for Dummies

Cloud Service Brokerage For Dummies

Free Ebook: Cloud Services Brokerage for Dummies®   Read Cloud Services Brokerage for Dummies® to learn about the state of cloud computing today, how CSBs add business value, what’s important to think about when considering a CSB, and predictions about what’s to come. You know firsthand that the challenges of integrating, transforming, managing, and securing

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