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Sustainable Energy Sources to Power Cloud Computing

Sustainable Energy Sources to Power Cloud Computing Frankly speaking, the title of this article is somewhat optimistic, considering what I am about to write about is merely a study on the subject. However, considering the big names behind this research project, it is not too much of a leap of faith to expect some concrete

Cloud Music: Rdio Killed The iTunes Star

Rdio killed the iTunes star You may have heard of Appleā€™s iCloud, the Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music Beta, remote music storage services for smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Rdio is another such service, lesser known but at least equally connected, and with one major advantage over its competitors. Founded by the creators of

Small Businesses Gain Competitive Advantage With Cloud Computing

How Small Businesses can gain a competitive advantage with Cloud Computing In our increasingly globalized world, small businesses need an effective communications network to span the geographically spread regions of the business. But the business applications required to achieve this are an expensive proposition in our current economic climate. This is making it more and

RIM Introduces Cloud Service for Small Business

RIM Introduces Cloud Service for Small Business Research In Motion (RIM) has unveiled a free online service for small businesses to centrally manage company- or employee-owned BlackBerry smartphones in the cloud. The new service-BlackBerry Management Center- also can protect business-related content stored on the handsets. “We are pleased to introduce RIM’s latest cloud service designed