Cloudera Not Cutting It With Big Data Security

Cloudera Not Cutting It With Big Data Security  Cloudera is, for the moment, a dominating presence in the open source Hadoop landscape; but does it have staying power? While Cloudera’s Big Data platform is the darling of the Hadoop space, they and their open source distribution competitors have so far failed to adequately address the

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Netflix: Plumbers Of The Cloud


Netflix: Plumbers of the Cloud Although much was made in the blogosphere of the Amazon cloud service outage on Christmas Eve — the one that brought Netflix’s video streaming grinding to a halt — cloud media proponents should actually take heart in the news. An interruption of cloud service being so widely referred to as an “outage”

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Cloud Helps Europe's Small Biz Smash The Economy

Cloud Helps Europe’s Small Biz Smash the Economy The tribulation of the European economy has sunk dramatically enough to warrant the front page of even American financial headlines. Yet in the face of such widespread woe has arisen a new population of pliable SMEs, or small- or medium-sized enterprises, throughout the continent. Cloud computing has

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Cloud TV, Gaming and Entertainment: Making The Joystick Airborne

Cloud TV

Cloud Gaming: Making the Joystick Airborne I should just come out with it. The last video game system I purchased was a Nintendo 64, back in the early 2000s. No, I am not a bells-and-whistles type of gamer, by any stretch of the imagination. But yes, I do have an opinion on this sizable, influential

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Advantages of Google's cloud-based services versus Microsoft's?


Here is a part of an interview today conducted by CNN/Fortune Tech with Google’s Enterprise Chief What do you see as the advantages of Google’s cloud-based services versus Microsoft’s? We have the advantage of being born of the cloud. We are a 100% web company. We’re not trying to retrofit anything of the past. Microsoft

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