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The Distinction Between Software As A Service And Cloud Computing

The Distinction Between Software As A Service And Cloud Computing Software as a service and cloud computing are two terms which are quite becoming popular in the world of computing. These two concepts have a positive outcome in the industry by making use of the internet to beat the conventional computing strategies. Although both concepts

Cloud Computing: Hardware As Software

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding this elegant approach to marshaling remote computer resources. And, we do not wish to profit from the confusion created by the broad marketing of cloud computing to the public. So here we offer a definition of cloud computing that is easy to understand, accurate, and without marketing hype. 1.

VMware TV Series: Introduction to Virtualization

VMware TV Series: Introduction to Virtualization This video webcast provides an overview of virtualization solutions from VMware® and explains the technology and products that enable these solutions. Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way people compute. This video webcast, part of the VMware TV

Cloudsourcing – easy and challenging

Nothing grows in a vacuum. IT has evolved over the decades and has gone through several paradigm shifts. Virtualization of computer resources and the quest for the most effective operations have never gone out of fashion. Outsourcing parts, or all, of the IT Capabilities has a long track record. Those who have experience with out-/multisourcing