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Reframing The Cloud Computing Argument: Managing Inaccurate Perceptions

Reframing The Cloud Computing Argument: Managing Inaccurate Perceptions Human rationality is quickly becoming a castaway in the study of economics and psychology. That humans make decisions irrationally is an irrefutable precept as evidenced by empirical research. What these studies have uncovered is than when it comes to dealing with the emotions that naturally arise in…

An International Cloud Progress Report

An International Cloud Progress Report For those (few) of you who do not know, the cloud’s reach has clearly extended far beyond America’s fair shores. Cloud computing continues to boom abroad in intriguing and dynamic ways. Here is an overview of the latest in cloud as it’s growing in three countries: China, Germany, and India.…

Pitting Cloud Against Cloud

Tools that benchmark performance promise to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of competing cloud providers. New software developed to measure the performance of different cloud computing platforms could make it easier for prospective users to figure out which of these increasingly popular services is right for them. Right now, developers have little means of comparing…

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