Taking The PBX Into The Cloud

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Taking the PBX into the Cloud No matter how dramatic the reductions in OPEX, no matter how impressive the promised ROI, small and medium businesses cannot afford to rip and replace current infrastructure every time a technology breakthrough makes headlines. Take the case of the PBX—on-premise equipment and systems have become increasingly complex and unwieldy

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Northern Sweden Experiencing A “Facebook Effect”


Northern Sweden Experiencing A “Facebook Effect” – The City of Lulea, one year after Facebook’s announcement of its  first datacenter outside the US Close to the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden lies the City of Lulea – home to Facebook’s new European datacenter.  Following a year of construction work, the datacenter is taking shape and is getting closer to being operational.

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Cloud Infographic: Big Data And Mobile Communications

Mobile Infographic

Cloud Infographic: Big Data And Mobile Communications Turn Big Data into Big Opportunity Mobile communications continues to evolve at breakneck speed within the telecommunications industry. As competition increases, organizations need to focus on ensuring the best possible customer experience while managing costs related to maintenance and improvement of the network, and a burgeoning portfolio of

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