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Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business

Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business Cloud archiving is a document storage solution that means that data and documents no longer need to be stored as physical, paper documents, but can be transformed into digital format and stored in ‘the cloud’. Many businesses have mounds of paper documents and filing cabinets stacking up


The Day Hard-Drives Become Obsolete

The Day Hard-Drives Become Obsolete Not too long ago, the only way to store data for personal users was on the hard-drive of a computer. After that came the use of disks, thumb drives and external hard-drives. This was the way of life for most users for years – until cloud storage. Today, cloud storage

The Cloud: Reinventing Enterprise Collaboration

The Cloud: Reinventing Enterprise Collaboration IDG survey points to need for collaboration across all business units and an end to spot solutions It is no surprise to anyone working in virtually any business anywhere in the world today, that knowledge is power. Having access to the most accurate, up-to-date corporate information, and the ability to easily collaborate on