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The Cloud Gets Green

The Cloud Gets Green We are all, at this point, at least fairly well aware of cloud computing’s capacity to slash wasted time and spending for both homes and businesses. But many of us are now wondering if this significant boost in economy and efficiency could potentially translate into an environmental advantage. For the fourth

Could Cloud Computing Cause More Stress Come Tax Time?

Could Cloud Computing Cause More Stress Come Tax Time? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Nothing under the sun is free. Aphorisms like these saw concepts such as cloud computing escape from the reality of high cost and taxation — until now. The cloud community is up in arms at what’s recently taken place in Vermont,

How To Secure Your Cloud Hosting? Part 2

Practically Speaking About Cloud Computing Before getting into the nitty gritty of what we did in our projects for hardening the cloud servers hosted by us, we would like to emphasize the following, so that these can be firmly embedded in the mind set of readers. First, the way cloud computing is attracting attention is