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Taxing The Cloud: KMPG’s Take On Global Cloud Computing Taxation

Taxing The Cloud: KMPG’s Take On Global Cloud Computing Taxation A fresh resource, custom-tailored to help end users and service architects of cloud computing services along their journey of scheduling procedures, managing operational dynamics, planning work execution and other relevant parameters – all with the core intent of dealing with the associated tax exposure, has…

The Politics Of Cloud Computing

The Politics Of Cloud Computing There are many issues taken for granted by companies when they move to the cloud. Aside from various technical issues, businesses fail to recognize that they’ll have to take into consideration the cultural environment of their own company. A very common problem that all businesses will encounter is the internal…

Is My Public Cloud Too Public? Part 1

Is my Public Cloud too Public? Addressing security concerns of the Public Cloud Enthusiasm for cloud computing has as much to do with economics as technology. Growth in the number of applications and the volume of data that must be managed have made datacenters a major item of corporate expense. Public cloud computing looks like…

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