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Cloud Computing Certifications

Cloud Computing Certifications Cloud technology has created new opportunities and job roles. In order to be ready for them, we must enhance our current skills set to include cloud computing. The worldwide demand for implementing cloud infrastructure by governments, enterprises and educational institutions is a call for IT professionals to attend trainings and courses, in

Microsoft Works To Challenge Google

Microsoft Works To Challenge Google As more research comes out, it appears Microsoft is working as hard as ever to challenge Google in the cloud. Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution, Office 365, has been pitted against Google’s cloud service, Google Apps, for the past year since Office 365’s inception. And ever since, Google has proved time

The Impact Of Google’s ISO 27001 On Business

The Impact Of Google’s ISO 27001 On Business Google has recently acquired an ISO 27001 security certification. This certification is provided by an independent body to companies that pass various security requirements. For a company to obtain the ISO 27001 certification, it must agree to be examined by an internationally recognized, independent body for information