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A Windows OS for the Clouds

A Windows OS for the Clouds The software produced by Microsoft is usually largely adopted by enterprises, but personal users have lately started to look for more agile and light-weighted technologies, with the help of Apple and Google. Although Microsoft has been one of the first players to step on the cloud computing scene with


Who Doesn’t Like Cloud Computing?

Who Doesn’t Like Cloud Computing? Strange as it may sound, there do exist people who oppose the meteoric rise of cloud computing. And we are not talking about established application developers like Microsoft who fear losing billions of revenue as more and more people shift towards demand-based software in the cloud. In fact, whatever Microsoft’s

The New Google Cloud Computing Android Apps

At a media event in its San Francisco office on Thursday, Google introduced two new mobile apps for Android devices that highlight the rapidly growing computing power available to mobile users. Google product management director Hugo Barra showed off a new feature of the Voice Search app called Voice Actions for Android, a set of

Google Cloud TV – And The $70 Billion Dollar TV Advertising Market

Google Cloud TV – And The $70 Billion Dollar TV Advertising Market

There is a growing and obvious interest in the $70 Billion dollar TV  advertising market.  And Google is one company that is taking an immediate interest in this area.  The Cloud environment has made it possible to stream video much more inexpensively so there are some lucrative opportunities available. About Google TV Google TV is