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Eco Activism: Greenpeace Slashes iCloud With The Poorest Of Grades

Eco Activism: Greenpeace Slashes iCloud with the Poorest of Grades Apple finds itself stranded yet again in another vortex of criticism – this time as a consequence of its decision to halt surrendering its merchandise for examination under the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (abbreviated EPEAT) certification drive. The disparagement rises in the wake of…

No More Cloud Delusions!

No More Cloud Delusions! I am sick and tired of the myriad cloud urban myths that run amok both in and outside of the IT community. One by one, I’d like to dismantle three of my biggest pet-peeve cloud delusions. Let’s begin with one of the more attractive and “boho-chic” cloud tall tales that never…

Greenpeace Report: How Clean Is Your Cloud?

Greenpeace Report: How Clean Is Your Cloud?

Greenpeace Report: How Clean Is Your Cloud? The cloud computing world was all abuzz last week when Greenpeace released its report, “How Clean Is Your Cloud?” According to the report, global IT brands like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are changing how we share pictures, listen to music, watch TV or movies, communicate,…

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