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Cloud Computing For Lawyers

Cloud Computing For Lawyers For attorneys or paralegals, cloud computing could mean access to data anytime and anywhere.  As long as they can connect to the Internet, work can be accessed from their home, office, client offices or from their smart phones. Lawyers can also work collaboratively on files and documents, even when they are

ROI (Return on Investment) From Cloud Computing

ROI (Return on Investment) from Cloud Computing A business organization often measures the value of investments or any move that requires money in terms of the return on investment (ROI). Perhaps it is the only reason that top management will agree to any proposal, especially bold ones like adapting the relatively new and untested cloud

3 Key Questions about Cloud Computing People are Not Afraid to Ask

3 Key Questions about Cloud Computing People are Not Afraid to Ask I have been writing about cloud computing for quite a while now and I have tried to write on topics I thought would be useful to my readers. From my interaction with both insiders and novices, one thing has been made very clear,

How virtualization helps companies transform their approach to IT

Virtualization made its way into the mainstream data center with a strong cost-reduction value proposition centered around a straightforward tactic: server consolidation. Now, on the back of the success these projects achieved, virtualization is gaining a more strategic role in the IT landscape. As virtualization initiatives delivered tangible bottom line benefits–in some instances up to