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Benefits Of Cloud-Mobile Convergence (CMC) Based Mobile Platforms

Benefits of Cloud-Mobile Convergence (CMC) Based Mobile Platforms Mobile based cloud computing has been getting a forward nudge in the market swiftly because of the increasing benefits related to data manageability and user experience.  Probably the most alluring factor of mobile based cloud computing is introduction of Augmented reality(AR), a technology to virtualize the sensory


Practically Speaking About Cloud Computing: Google Apps Part II

Google Apps Part II Advantages of Google Apps:In September 2010, Google announced that over 30 million people are using Google Apps. The top ten advantages as listed by Google are: 1. Cloud computing is in Google’s DNA. 2. Faster access to innovation drives higher productivity. 3. Users adopt new functionality with less disruption. 4. Employees

Cloud computing will outlive the web

Story By Bernard Golden at CIO The pervasive growth of the Internet will accelerate cloud adoption The tech world is all a-twitter (literally!) about an article in this month’s Wired Magazine which announces “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet”. The article recites a litany of problems that are choking the web: the rise