Cloud Computing: A Cloudy World


Cloud Computing: A Cloudy World There has been a thunderstorm of growing noise surrounding Cloud Computing in the past 24 months. Vendors, analysts, journalists and membership groups have all rushed to cover the Cloud medium – although everyone seems to have their own opinion and differing definition of cloud computing. According to the most common

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Cloud and Decoupling the Business Benefit

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Cloud and Decoupling the Business Benefit I think we’ve talked before about what it means to be a cloud technology, or, more precisely, what people mean when they call things cloud technologies, cloud-like, or even just grossly label some form of computing “the cloud.”  In this post, I want to take a few minutes discuss the way

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SPCC Software Moves to the Cloud

SPCC software moves to the Cloud SAN FRANCISCO, California — June 27, 2011 — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in Web-based water, energy, and environmental software, announced today that it has expanded ePortal, its flagship product, to manage compliance, data and information for the EPA Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule. This introduces

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Should You Be Concerned? A List of Recent Cloud Computing Failures – I

Should You Be Concerned? A List of Recent Cloud Computing Failures – I “One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day.” – Aristotle (384BC – 322BC), Greek philosopher. Now, Aristotle’s sayings are as relevant today as they were 2400 years ago. In case you differ, consider what he had to say about

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3 Cloud Gaming Companies To Watch…

Cloud Gaming is going to be one of the more interesting areas of cloud computing to watch over the next few years. There is a lot at stake and companies are simply trying to figure how to position themselves. There is no doubt cloud computing will be hugely beneficial to the public gaming industry.  We

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IBM and European Union Join to Develop New Collaborative e-Business Model Extending Open Source and Cloud Technologies

Press Release Jul 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced, in collaboration with the European Union, industry and academia, the launch of a research consortium which aims to help businesses more easily take advantage of Internet-based services – or “e-services” – to create collaborative business operations and achieve shared business goals. The unique effort focuses on

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