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The US Department Of Energy Is Finally Embracing Cloud Technology

The US Department of Energy is Finally Embracing Cloud Technology A new DOE paper explains how national labs can migrate to the cloud without compromising security. I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to anyone in the tech industry (or outside it for that matter) that the US government can be slow to adopt new ideas,

Groupon Successfully Scales Sales in the Cloud

Using Salesforce CRM with Chatter and Model Metrics’ deployment services, Groupon grows to more than 500 markets around the world, providing thousands of incredible daily discounts each month CHICAGO – January 19, 2011 – Model Metrics, the leader in cloud computing services for the enterprise, today announced Groupon is using its cloud implementation services along

Analysis: Investors look to cloud for tech stock picks

BOSTON (Reuters) – Jeffrey Saut simply looks up to remind himself which tech stocks will be hot in 2011. Saut, chief investment strategist for brokerage Raymond James, says he is betting on companies that are leaders in cloud computing — using Internet technology to move computers and information away from desktops and into remote data

Cloud Provider Amazon AWS Introduces New Premium Support Plans

AWS Introduces New Premium Support Plans, Lowers Usage Prices by 50% on Existing Plans Source: Amazon AWS Site We are excited to announce that we have lowered usage pricing on existing Premium Support offerings by 50% and added two new support plans to meet the needs of developers and businesses of all sizes and technical

Oracle – The latest Big Boy to join the Cloud Computing game

Oracle – The latest Big Boy to join the Cloud Computing game

Oracle – the latest Big Boy to join the Cloud Computing game By Sourya Biswas of CloudTweaks Monday, December, 20th, 2010 – Cloud computing received a major shot in the arm with the entrant of the latest big name in the field – Oracle – on Wednesday, 15 December 2010. On that day, Oracle introduced