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Cloud News Round Up – February 5th

Cloud News Round Up – February 5th

Microsoft Appoints New, Cloud-Focused CEO – It’s been a headline maker for months, as many media outlets have been asking the question of ‘who will be Microsoft’s next CEO?’, with these articles analyzing who would be best to lead Microsoft into an era where tablets are as much of a must have item as their own Windows-running

Exploring the Intel Cloud Builder Community – Opportunities and Challenges in Asia

Exploring the Intel Cloud Builder Community Nowadays, it is a generally accepted belief that this is going to be an Asian century. In the same manner that the 19th century was dominated by Britain and the 20th century by the United States, experts theorize that China and India are going to be the preeminent nations

Interview: Intel Discusses Expressway Cloud Access 360

Intel’s Cloud Access 360 Leads the Way In an exclusive interview with Intel on Friday, March 25th, Cloudtweaks.com spoke with Vikas Jain as a follow-up to Intel’s announced Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect. Vikas Jain is the Director of Product Management for Application Security and Identity Products with Intel Corporation and has over