Is There Enough Bandwidth Available To Support 100% Of The World Moving To Cloud Solutions?


It’s a question I’ve asked dozens of times in my blog and one I have talked to a number of different audiences and groups to and about. Is the total available deployed bandwidth enough to support the overall impact and requirements of the emerging cloud solutions? The initial answer is no not really. The first

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How Can Cloud Computing Help Small And Medium Enterprises

How Can Cloud Computing Help Small And Medium Enterprises Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, especially for businesses and organizations. A lot of enterprises are shifting to the clouds because it offers a lot of benefits. With cloud computing, SMEs no longer have to maintain software and servers on their premises. There is

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Cloud TV may replace Local TV altogether…

It’s True, Cloud TV will most likely replace Local TV altogether ‘Internet TV’ and ‘3D TV’ were the most searched terms of the entertainment genre for year 2010. Service providing has reached new levels since the advent of cloud computing. Now, experience games, applications and much more over the internet regardless of the device you

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