Whitepaper: Building a Disaster-Ready Infrastructure

Prevent downtime, protect data and ensure continuous business operations When Hurricane Ike slammed into the Gulf Coast in September 2008, it put business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) programs to the ultimate test. Beyond the devastating impact of the storm itself, power outages extended across three states and lasted for several days, forcing many businesses

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Infographic: Trends & Technology Timeline

Technology Trends

Infographic: Trends & Technology Timeline… This is a very detailed Infographic that we’ve come across via NowandNext.com.  Some of the current and future trends mentioned are: Cloud Storage, Data Security and Gesture-based Computing… Click the image to zoom in. Source: NowandNext.com

Vyatta Secures $12 Million in Funding Led by HighBAR Partners

Vyatta Secures $12 Million in Funding Led by HighBAR Partners Software Networking Innovator to Fuel Virtual Networking and Cloud Growth BELMONT, Calif. – November 15, 2011 – Vyatta, the leader in software-based networking for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, announced today it has completed a funding round of $12 million led by HighBAR Partners. Also

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Infographic: Humans vs. Computers (Cloud Evolution)

Cloud Computing - Human Vs Computers

An interesting and somewhat playful look at ‘Man vs Machine’ found over at the Dell Community. There is however a very serious undertone to this for those leaning a bit on the paranoid side.  With the acceptance and explosive growth of cloud computing and the utilization of online collaboration services, its simply just a matter

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What Is Cloud Computing? Yes, Another Perspective – Part 1

What Is Cloud Computing? Yes, Another Perspective The concept may seem nebulous or hard to decipher but in reality is very simple and compelling. It provides a cost effective solution, especially to IT professionals who can now reap the benefits provided by cloud computing without having to spend exorbitant amounts of cash on providing software,

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