Know Why Cloud Email Services Are More Preferred Over Corporate Emails


Know Why Cloud Email Services are More Preferred over Corporate Emails Emails have been an integral part of our lives since the advent of the internet era. However with the influx of consumerization, enterprises are witnessing a gradual process of being affected by user’s personal email accounts. And it is not just email forwarding that

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Future Trends And Prospects In Cloud Technology – Year 2013

Future Trends And Prospects In Cloud Technology – Year 2013 In the domain of technology, the saying is, “the technology changes, the industry survives,” but predicting how the particular technology will progress within a given time-frame is a bit tricky. It is only the projection, based on certain researches and studies, that can provide meaningful trends or

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Finding a Cloud Computing Job – Mobile Cloud Services Are Hot Hot Hot!!

There is an overwhelming need for individuals who can create mobile applications that connect to the cloud.  Below are some quotes from a couple of the largest technology research analyists in the world. “Juniper Research expects the total market for cloud-based mobile apps to grow 88 percent between 2009 and 2014. About 75 percent of

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