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Top Issues Impacting Application Performance On The Cloud

Top Issues Impacting Application Performance on the Cloud What are the key reasons application performance takes a hit? This question often crosses the mind of an enterprise and cloud system manager. Eliminating or reducing the key factors that can have a negative impact on the application is crucial for large system builders. However, summarizing these factors…

The Cloud: Focusing On Cloud Performance – Part 1

The Cloud: Focusing On Cloud Performance – Part 1 The cloud has established its presence with applications for individuals, groups, and small and medium businesses. As a result, independent software vendors who have peddled packaged applications to cater to business functions in different verticals for companies of size might be pondering over when it is…

Why Cloud Computing Projects May Fail

Why Cloud Computing Projects May Fail Cloud Computing offers a large number of benefits which make an enterprise switch over to the cloud. From startups to medium and large enterprises all are keen to adopt it mainly due to the cost saving in cloud computing. However it is very important to realize that like any…

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