Cloud Capabilities: Xbox One


Cloud capabilities:  Xbox One Azure Azure cloud service will be available at Xbox One’s launch. Microsoft says that their new gaming console can offload some computations to the cloud in order to increase local power of the console. Xbox One games could be streamed live and shared via the cloud. Similar to its rival Sony,

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Cloud Computing Capabilities In PS4?


Cloud Computing Capabilities In PS4? Sony is keen to elevate the marketing hype of its “next generation console”, the Play Station 4 as its release date hits the door. There are many features that are revealed in the introductory presentation about the Play Station 4 including the much awaited “cloud computing”. A lot is being

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SimCity – Look At My City. And It Is Gone


SimCity – Look At My City. And It Is Gone The dream they all waited for to come true, to build a modern city with resource management and cooperative play, filling empty lands and hills with thriving cities and metropolises, was close. Having your friends in the neighborhood supplying you with goods and services sounded

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