Cloud Startup: Aryaka


Cloud Startup: Aryaka Aryaka: Attestation to Pure WAN Connectivity with Optimal Bandwidth Use Among the recent companies that have proved a blessing to cloud computing, perhaps none has done more, in a world where network is the lifeline, than Aryaka. This cloud startup whose base is California began in 2008 but has since earned wide

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Unfolding The Camel: Problem-Solving In A Multi-Cloud Environment


Unfolding the Camel: Problem-solving in a multi-cloud environment There is an expression that says “a camel is a horse designed by a committee,” which means, of course, that the more people who are involved in a decision-making process, the less the end product resembles its intended objectives. But camels aren’t always designed. Sometimes they simply

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A Glance At How The Cloud Is Changing The IT World

A Glance At How The Cloud Is Changing The IT World With the emergence of cloud computing as the ultimate saviour of the IT industry, the Internet world has experienced a change in terms of technology and approach. While better mobility, accessibility, and viability are some of the most significant areas experiencing this change, subtle shifts in

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Cloud Apps of the Week

Cloud Apps of the Week You’ve successfully rung in 2012, but if you’re in the United States — particularly on the East Coast — a nasty cold spell has put an abrupt end to the celebration. Thankfully, three new applications should warm your spirits once more, with their clever grasp on how the cloud can

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Practical Applications of Cloud Hosting

When compared to the traditional shared or dedicated server environment, the emergence of cloud hosting has presented a viable alternative for growing businesses looking for cost effective IT solutions. Understanding the Cloud By its nature, cloud computing is largely unencumbered by the deficiencies that are often associated with traditional servers. The cloud revolves around a

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