Going Virtual? Keep One Eye On The Hardware And The Other On Habits

Iddo Kadim

Going Virtual? Keep one eye on the hardware and the other on habits Central to the huge trade and education event called VMWorld is the notion that everything is going virtual in a big way. Terms such as virtualization and software defined networking are now becoming mainstream, or more more precisely, must now become mainstream, and

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Google Earth Journals To Peer Editing: The Cloud In English Class

Google Earth Journals to Peer Editing: The Cloud in English Class Recently, a Chicago teacher published a lesson on a popular teach networking website that turned a few heads. For a world literature class, the teacher integrated lessons that incorporated students creating and maintain Google Earth journals. As the class progressed through each reading and

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The Inadvertent Cloud User


The Inadvertent Cloud User In our vast population, I have found that knowing about something seems to make people believe you are in expert in that subject and forever branded as such. For example, remember when you said one time when you were eight that you wanted to take pictures and every year since then

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The Cloud Fragmentation – How To Work Together

The Cloud Fragmentation – How To Work Together Cloud computing is rapidly gaining popularity and all major players in the industry are noticing. It is obvious that this paradigm will be the driving force for business in the coming decade mainly due to the proliferation of the internet and the mobile market space. This growth

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Security In The Cloud – Maintaining A Secure Environment

Security In The Cloud – Maintaining A Secure Environment One of the most prevalent points brought up by skeptics of cloud computing is the integrity of the security for said systems. Different reservations are held against different models of cloud computing, in particular for public clouds. The mere fact that public clouds host environments for

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Cloud Whitepaper: Virtual Network Architecture


Cloud Whitepaper: Virtual Network Architecture Looking back at how the IT landscape has evolved over the past 20 years, it is amazing to see the striking parallel between the evolution of technology and the evolution of business. In the Client /Server era, it was normal for IT initiatives to take months or even years on

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Cloud Computing Basics For Beginners And Non-Experts

Cloud Computing Basics For Beginners And Non-Experts Cloud computing is a term we hear quite often, but there are very few people who understand what it’s all about. You would argue that whatever technology this is, it is probably out of your world or too complex. In reality, cloud computing is a simple technology that

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