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Demand For Cloud Skills Increases

Demand For Cloud Skills Increases

Demand for Cloud Skills Increases Thinking about adding more cloud skills to your repertoire? Stop thinking. The time to do it is now. For IT professionals, cloud computing skills are becoming an essential resume item. Companies are actively – and increasingly – looking for employees with the knowledge and hands-on experience to build and maintain…

Gussy Up Your Employment With Cloud Computing

Gussy Up Your Employment with Cloud Computing With reports of 50,000 new jobs being launched in cloud computing/IT in Los Angeles alone, it’s official: the employment iron is hot. Strike into the fray with a sophisticated grasp of how cloud computing can improve your approach and your potential company. Chasing versus cultivating. The sphere of…

Cloud Computing Cracks Job Crisis Conundrum?

Cloud Computing Cracks Job Crisis Conundrum? As our country continues its procession toward the 2012 presidential election, the nation’s employment woes continue to vex communities and rank as the first concern on the platforms of pundits and candidates. In my opinion, cloud computing should definitely elbow the job crisis on the docket of relevant issues.…

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